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The Maryland Faith Health Network

At worship services in October 2016, we were happy to hear presentations by Maryland Faith Health Network representatives Vincent DeMarco and Louis “Buddy” Sapolsky, as well as our own Pam Phillips, who is Carroll Hospital Center’s Navigator for the program.

There is absolutely no cost to you for becoming part of this two-year pilot program, which involves Carroll Hospital Center, Sinai, and Northwest.   If you are admitted to Sinai or Northwest Hospital, their Navigator, Rev. Domanic Smith will contact the Wesley UMC liaison after he has met with you and obtained verbal permission. All you have to do is present your card during the admission process.

A basic example of how it works:  If you decide to join the program by signing the Maryland Faith Health Network registration form (below) you will receive your membership card when you return your form to me, Sandy Cole, Network Liaison.   When you are admitted to Carroll Hospital Center, present your membership card to the staff and Pam Phillips will be notified by the hospital that you are there, or when the Nurse/Chaplain does your admission assessment and you state you are a member of Wesley UMC an automatic email will be generated.  When notified, Pam will visit you at the bedside and obtain verbal permission to reach out to the Wesley UMC liaisons. Currently, there are four liaisons at Wesley UMC:  Jackie Grabowski, Reenie Harris, Betty Barr, and myself, Sandy Cole. When permission is granted from the patient, a phone call is placed to one of the Wesley Liaisons, who will reach out to Rev. Amy to let her know you are hospitalized.  In the past, there were times when members of the congregation were aware of hospitalizations, but unless a family member called clergy directly, news would only reach clergy by word of mouth from congregants and sometimes not until after the hospitalization was over.  Important:  Pam will not share information regarding your medical reason for hospitalization.  Your medical information will remain confidential unless you choose to share it.  Pam will notify your Liaison of any needs you have when released from the hospital.  Your Liaisons will work to meet those needs.  For example, maybe you need groceries, prescription refills, phone calls, visits, rides to doctor appointment(s), or just a ride to church services because you can’t drive for a certain period of time. 

Your Wesley Liaisons were trained for this program in February and will be here to give the support you need as you recover. If you would like more information, go to http://www.healthcareforall.com and read about the MD Faith Health Network.

If you would like more information about Wesley UMC participation, please feel free to call Sandy Cole, Membership Secretary and Maryland Faith Health Network Liaison, at 410-876-5295. 

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