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Our vision is to show people the hope and love in Jesus.  Our mission is to make

   disciples by:  Growing & Learning, Worshiping & Praying, Serving, and Connecting

Prayers, Dedications, Acknowledgements, &          


I kneel in prayer to the Father,

From whom every family in heaven and on earth takes it name,

That out of the treasures of His glory

He may grant you strength and power through His Spirit in your inner being;

That through faith Christ may dwell in your hearts in love,

With deep roots and firm foundations, may you be strong to grasp, with all

God's people, what is the breadth and length and height and depth

Of the love of Christ,

And to know it, though it is beyond knowledge.

So may you attain to fullness of being, the fullness of God himself.

Ephesians 3:14-19




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 Wesley United Methodist Church, Educational Building, and Fellowship Hall



This Book is Dedicated...


TO THE PEOPLE who started and attended the Class Meetings, built and  attended Brown's Meeting House, Wesley Chapel, and Wesley Church.


TO ALL THOSE FAITHFUL SERVANTS who have passed on and to those who are now living, and those upon whom rests the responsibility for the future of Wesley Church.


TO THE CIRCUIT RIDERS AND PREACHERS who led their congregations, large or small, from the earliest meetings to the present.


THE CHURCH IS NOT ONLY A BUILDING. IT IS THE PEOPLE. These people - living or dead or vet to be born - ARE WESLEY CHURCH.




An Ancient Prayer


God of our life, there are days when the burdens we carry chafe our shoulders and weight us down;

When the road seems dreary and endless, the skies grey and threatening;

When our lives have no music in them, and our hearts are lonely, and our souls have lost their courage.

Flood the path with light, we beseech Thee; turn our eyes to where the skies are full of promise;

Tune our hearts to brave music, give us the sense of comradeship with heroes and saints of every day;

And so quicken our spirits that we may be able to encourage the souls of all who  journey with us on the road of life,

To Thy honor and glory.





The writing of the history of the Class Meetings, Brown's Meeting House, Wesley Chapel, and Wesley Church has been made possible by the help of many people whose cooperation is greatly appreciated. Much research has been done to make this book as accurate as possible, considering the time and resources available. We hope that we did not miss anyone or any facts that should have been included. If we did, we sincerely apologize and would appreciate it if you would write down the facts and leave it with the church office for future reference.


We are indebted to those who wrote the previous history booklets of 1948 and 1965, and especially the late Mr. Thomas W. Buchman for much of the informa­tion therein.


Our thanks to the many John Allgire relatives who graciously shared their photographs and family histories: Mrs. Grace Allgire, Mrs. Shirley Allgire Raver, G. Watson Algire, Archie C. Allgire, Julia and Everett Davidson, Roland and Lamora Dell, LaRue and Sterling L. Green, Mrs. Nancy Knight, Mrs. Etta Ruth Heird, Miss Mary Jane Stull, and many others.


We thank Mrs. Reatha Krebs Osborn for making the sketch of the John Allgire Home and of the William Chenoweth Home. Also many thanks to our neighbors and friends Ralph and Dorothy Walsh, Bob Myers, Tom Appler, Gertrude and Bob Basler, and Marvin Myers. Information received on the Chenoweth Family History from Mr. and Mrs. John E. Chenoweth and on the Brown Family from Mrs. Nancy Fratt and also Mrs. Violet Jersey is greatly appreciated.


Much historical data was made available through our many local historians and genealogists: Sterling Hoover, George Horvath, Susan R. Bloom, Joe Getty, and Maryland Historians, John McGrain, Richard Parsons, Robert Barnes, Lillian B. Marks, and Rev. Edwin Schell of the Lovely Lane Methodist Museum.


Our special thanks to Dr. David Dougherty for his editorial assistance and helpful suggestions which greatly improved the manuscript.


We are deeply indebted to Bob Porterfield of Porterfield's Photography for his donation of time and photographs for this booklet and his help with layout and design.


I am especially thankful for the excellent cooperation and help of the History Book Committee and the General Anniversary Committee in making possible this 200th Anniversary Celebration.


I am grateful for the very able and willing help of Rev. Bert Lane.









[at time of publication - 1987]

Wesley United Methodist Church



Anniversary Committees


General ChairpersonMrs. Robert E. (Joan) Porterfield
PlanningMr. and Mrs. Norville E. (Helen) Baker
 Mrs. A. Paul (Geraldine) Garrett
 Mrs. Walter R. (Betty) Hitchcock
 Mrs. Charles D. (Linda) Hollman
 Mr. and Mrs. Lester A. (Virginia) Houck
 Mrs. Carl D. (Ruth) Rill
 Rev. Albert K. Lane, III
HistoryMrs. Norville E. (Helen) Baker
 Mrs. A. Paul (Geraldine) Garrett
 Mrs. Lester A. (Virginia) Houck
 Mrs. Carl D. (Ruth) Rill
DramaMrs. Walter R. (Betty) Hitchcock
 Mrs. Larry (Rae) Leeds
SouvenirsMrs. Carl D. (Ruth) Rill









Dear Readers:

Two hundred years ago the region in Baltimore County, just south of Hamp­stead and west of the Hanover Pike, was populated by a proud, hardworking, and mostly self sufficient people. Many farmed. A few quarried rock out of the earth. A few others were in the lumber business. And a few operated mills to grind grain and ran businesses where local products could be sold or traded for luxury goods" produced in or imported through Baltimore. 

Two hundred years ago the community of faith meeting at the John Allgire home provided for the spiritual wellbeing of this relatively stable group of families with last names like Brown, Ebaugh, Chenoweth, and, of course, Allgire. The gatherings of these Christians around the irregular visits of horsebackriding preachers who read the Scriptures, spoke the Word, and instructed their listeners as to a holy way of life, were social as well as religious occasions. Before and after the services, meals were shared, news was reported, and friendships were formed. 

Times have changed and we, who trace our heritage back to that community of Browns, Ebaughs, Chenoweths, and Allgires, are a different people. We call ourselves Wesley United Methodist Church, and we are four hundred members strong. We worship in a fine sanctuary that is only a small portion of a beautiful church complex located in Carroll County. A few of us still farm, but our farms are now large businesses. Some of us are professionals. Others own their own businesses or labor in construction, manufacturing, and service industries. 

Many of us commute to work. We are an ever changing, transient people who do not necessarily expect the faith community to be the center of our social lives. But we do continue to expect this community to be the place where the Scriptures are read, the Word is spoken, and a right and moral way of life is taught ... in this, we, who live in 1987, are not so different from our ancestors who worshipped in the Allgire home in 1787. 

The following is a record of the people called Wesley United Methodist Church who have worshipped and ministered continuously since 1787. May this history, with God's help, bring us to a better understanding of who we are in 1987 and help guide and instruct us as we move into our third century!